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HOW to use a Potion on a Fluffy?

Lets say you bought a Healing Potion on the Market and want to use it on a Fluffy... 

1. Check the number the Fluffy, that you want to use your item on and enter it in the form on the right. It can be found in the Name of the NFT f.e. on OpenSea. Enter it in the form on the right.




2. In the FORM on the right you find a menue to choose the Potion you want to use. 

3. Send the used Potion to our Wallet below:


IMPORTANT: You can use a Potion on any Guild or Cult registered Fluffy. It doesnt have to be your own Fluffy!


There should pop up a short message when you click "Drink Potion" to verify your request has been sent but depending on your browsersettings it may not show up! Dont worry! Up to now every request has arrived! But if you worry, just send another request and enter a e-mail and drop a message to make sure!


DON´T forget step 3!!!

If you dont send the Potion, it cannot be drunk!