What happened so far:

When Morgana wanted to try her new spell, that was invented to teleport an item from one place to another far, far away place, it happened!

A swirl opened up in front of her. At first small, then becoming larger and larger. An unstoppable force took hold of her and pulled her into the swirl including everything around her. With everything this maelstrom sucked in, it grew bigger and stronger.

Thus, both plants and animals were sucked in and disappeared into nothingness. Looking into the maelstrom, you see a luminous place that wasn't build of dirt and grass like our world. There were endless zeros and ones moving back and forth in strange sequences. Between them flew squares that seemed to be connected by some kind of chain. On some of them you could discover isolated objects from our world.

Between the numbers one could see cruelly distorted grimaces flying through infinity, which, so it seemed were trying to break through reality, creating waves in the ocean of ‚Äč‚Äčnumbers. The squares safely navigated these waves and hardly seemed to notice.

As the maelstrom grew larger and larger, you were able to see it from all over at the sky... So it happened that our hero General Korpus noticed it and immediately rushed to the King of Fluffworld to tell him about. After a short time he had gathered his faithful companions to bravely face the threat. So our heroes set off into an uncertain future.

When they reached at the maelstrom, they realized that even if they succeed in their mission to save the world, none of them will ever return alive.

And just like that, a huge chunk of ground came loose from beneath them, and they were all pulled into the maelstrom in a split second...

And so begins the legend of the Crypto Fluffys, who set out to fight an enemy larger than themselves, larger than their country, and even larger than their entire world, yet no greater than their courage and love for Fluffworld.