Here you can check all currently available "Professions" that your Fluffys can have and what boni they provide.

4.Minting and Holding Benefits

Several Traits of the Arena: Season I Fluffys grant special Benefits like FREE Matic or Fluffys


Here you can check the currently available "Equipment" that your Fluffys can own and what boni it provides.

There are 3 types that grant boni atm:
1. Equipment LEFT
2. Equipment RIGHT

3. Equipment HEAD

5.Joining the Guild / Cult

Membership Cards and what are they good for? Or why should I join?


Fluffys can learn one or maybe even more Job/s that allow them to complete specific tasks and/or grant boni to the Fluffys Stats.

6.Character Development

Infos about Character Progression. How many EXP for Level X, Level-Up Boni and so on