After centurys of peace Fluffworld has been hit by an apocalyptic catastrophe. The powerfull witch Morgana has made a fatal misstake by casting a new magic spell and ripped a gigantic hole into reality. That caused a nightmarish vortex to emerge who immediately began soaking in parts of the real world into the worlds between realitys, the so called Cryptoverse, including more and more of its population...

Many Fluffys are already lost forever in the Cryptoverse... Because of that, our universe needs real heroes to stand up. Only YOU, as one of the Lords of the Blockchains can save the lives of at least some Fluffys out there! Do you have the power to combine the spirit of NFT with one of your Blockchains to manifest the physical body and the soul of a Fluffy onto it to save him or her until there is is found a way to send the Fluffys back to their world and to close the Vortex?

Be the Hero, Fluffworld needs and bond together with other Blockchainlords to prevent the unspeakable! Together we can make it! Save Planet Fluffy from Doomsday!