Features of FLUFFWORLDS: Crypto Fluffys - Arena:

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The Adventurers Guild - Coming next after Minting

Every Arena Fluffy will be able to join the Adventurers Guild. To do so, its owner needs to get a Guild Membership Contract for every Fluffy that he wants to be a member of the guild.

When a Fluffy successfully has joined the A.G. he is allowed to choose a name for himself. Flavourvice only REAL names, no numbers or stuff like that. Names are not only available to one Fluffy. That means there may be several Fluffys having the same name as they are still unique due to their #.

When a Fluffy has been registered he can start going on adventure to earn coins, loot or EXP to get stronger. Therefore there will be quests of every kind available to get on the black board.

Every quest will take a certain amount of time during which the Fluffy is not available to use / buy / sell or anything else. When the quest is finished, he will return back to your wallet beeing stronger and bringing his loot with him for you to use as you wish.


There are many different professions a Fluffy can have. Each of them will grant him special bonuses on his stats and when minting your Fluffy has his own pool of pieces for the Fluffy to be made of.

The mintable professions of Season 1 are:

- Adventurer
- Butcher / Succubus (Demons)
- Forest Guardian (Fairys)
- Knight / Paladin
- Mage
- Necromancer
- Rouge
- Samurai / Ronin
- Vodoo Priest
- Warrior


There will be 4 races of Fluffys in Season 1 that all have little differences. The races are:

- Fluffy
- Demon
- Fairy
- Lich