The Adventurers Guild / Evil Cult

Fluffy - Level - Up

HOW to Level - Up your Fluffy:

1. Check the number your Fluffy has and enter it in the form on the right. It can be found in the Name of the NFT f.e. on OpenSea.



2. Choose if you want to spend your points by yourself (Manualy) or decide that we should do it for you (Automaticaly)

3. In the form on the right you see 5 fields called something like "Stat increase". There you can choose up to 5 stats at once that you want to Level-Up +1. 

Every Profession has its own restrictions and benefits. So some gain more free to use Stat Points per Level than others!


PLEASE READ THE INFOS FOR YOUR FLUFFYS PROFESSION before you click SEND to avoid misstakes!!!

You can check those here: Character Development

(Short Explaination:
- Stat Points per Lvlup is the number of points you can spend by yourself when your Fluffy gains a level

- Max. (+) per Levelup shows the restrictions per Levelup for your Fluffys profession

- Auto (+) per Levelup shows the Stats that automaticaly increase if your Fluffy gains a level.)



1. A Fluffy with the Adventurer Profession gains 5 Stat Points per Level. He can spend all of those 5 Points freely on all Stats with the only restriction that he cannot increase 1 Stat by more than 3 points per Level.

2. A Mage Fluffy gains 5 Stat Points as well BUT he can only spent 3 Points freely! The other 2 Points will be spent automaticaly as  +1 Inteligence +1 Magic
Mages also have the restrictions that they can increase Strenght and Health by max. +1 per level.

You dont have to spend all your remaining Stat Points at once, so feel free to only choose 1 stat or f.e. 3 Stats you want to upgrade. BUT you have to spend all Stat Points before you can spend the Stat Points for the next Level, in case you reach f.e. Level 3 before you have spent the points of Level 2.

You can never spend more points then you have remaining Stat Points in your Fluffys Character Sheet.

If you try to spend a Stat Point in a way that is not allowed, the point will not be spent and nothing happens. Your Stat Point remains in the Character Sheet as available point to spend.

You need to enter the password that was created for your Owner Account. You can find it in the "unlockable content" on your "Membership Verification Document" NFT.

If you don´t enter the correct password or any password at all, nothing happens!