The Adventurers Guild / Evil Cult

REGISTRATION FORM + Character Creation

HOW to Register your Fluffy for the Adventurers Guilds:

1. Check the number your Fluffy has and enter it in the form on the right. It can be found in the Name of the NFT f.e. on OpenSea.





2. Choose a cool name for your Fluffy. Dont use numbers or special signs. Just letters. It is a RPG so be creative! 

- Max 35 letters

- Only real names
- NO special signs like: %, &, $, _, # etc.

- Max. 5 names (f.e. Igor Augustus)

- NO Ranks or Titles like Sir or King etc.
- NO sexual or racism stuff please

3. Choose the Guild for your Fluffy. Depending on the Alignment of your Fluffy you can choose between The Adventurers Guild and the Evil Cult. 

- Good Fluffys can only join "The Adventurers Guild"
EXCEPTION: Lichs can always join both Guilds
- Evil Fluffys can join one or both Guilds of their liking at the same time (need to sign 2 contracts to do so)

- Neutral Fluffys can join one of the two Guilds

4. Send the Adventures Guild Membership Contract to our Signed Contracts Wallet below:


IMPORTANT: Your Fluffy needs to be on the same Wallet as the Contract you want to use to register it.

Automatic (AUTO)


Your Fluffy needs to be on the same Wallet as the Contract you want to use to register it.

How to do the Character Creation:

1. Every Arena Fluffy has 9 different STATS. When registering your Fluffy those will be randomly generated based on its PROFESSION.

You do not know those random numbers but you can choose the order from highest STAT to the lowest. 

Now you can pick AUTO setting to let us set your STATS or do it yourself.

NOTE: If you choose AUTO, you do not have to fill out the "Stat Allocation for Stat No. X" options.

2. In the REGISTRATION FORM on the left below the "Choose your Guild" field you find 9 option menues. The first one is for the STAT you wish to be the highest and the last one is for the lowest. Those in between are ranked between those 2 in declining order.



You first choose the order in the form. Stat No. 1 is the highest, No. 4 is the lowest and go for this:

Stat No. 1
Stat No. 2


Stat No. 3

Stat No. 4


Lets say the algorithm generated the following random numbers: 14, 19, 25 and 1.

Then the result will be:
Strenght: 25

Health: 19

Defense: 14

Charisma: 1


IMPORTANT: Please choose every STAT only ONCE and choose them ALL. Else missing and double ones will be given randomly!