The Adventurers Guild or Evil Cult - Joining the Party

Big part of the coming FLUFFWORLDS: Arena RPG fun will be the Guildsystem. To join the gaming parts of the NFT collections of our loved Fluffys it is necessary to join at least 1 of the 2 factions that fight in an eternal war even after the Fluffys Homeworld Planet Fluffy has already been destroyed.

To join, you need 2 things. 1. a Fluffy and 2. a Guild Contract. Fluffys can either be MINTED or purchased on #OpenSea and the Guild Contract can be bought on "The Empire Market" as well as in the FLUFFWORLDS: Adventures Collection on OpenSea. The Contract then leads you to a registration page where you can register your Fluffy. Description how to do it can be found there.

Now what is it good for?

Beeing a Guild / Cult Member comes with various advantages.

1. Many Holder / Minter benefits require the Fluffy to join a Guild.

2. You can name your Fluffy

3. Your Fluffy will be registered to your wallet and his data is saved in the Membership Card in the FW: Adventures Collection in the short form as well as on the Character Sheet on the website where you can see everything in detail.

4. The Fluffy will get his personal Stats like Strength, Inteligence, Luck and so on.

5. As soon as Adventuring is available the Fluffy will be able to go on Adventure with his friends for Glory and Honor or just for the Coins (Empire Crowns $EC).
6. Registered Fluffys can be staked to earn the Fluffys Currency or other stuff (Available soon).

7. Members will be able to aquire Landshards in the Cryptoverse and earn passive income on purchases from the Fluffys Marketplace (Available soon).

8. Flufftown Central City will be build up again due to the decissions of the Guild / Cult Members. They decide what building will be build next or what Evil will be raided (Available a bit later than soon).

9. They can join tournaments and fight against each other for great prizes like coins or special Fluffys or other stuff (AVAILABLE NOW).

10. There is much more to come...

Upcoming Features: 

Small Adventures on Twitter

Weekly Big RPG Adventures

Adventuring per NFT-Staking

Guild vs. Cult

Big Tournaments

Raiding of the Arch-Necromancer

What will come... a promise...

As you might know, the main features are still in development. As the Fluffys cannot guarantee any timeframe for everything, we can give a promise that we will not rugpull or stop, not even when we are finished and everybody is already gone... The Fluffys are my lifelong project that I continue for more than 15 years now and the only reason for me to end this is .... the hell you do not risk more than a Starbucks Coffee so stop whining before anything happened.